Personal Branding

Distinguish yourself among your peers by showcasing your Leaders Excellence membership.

As a Leaders Excellence member, you have the distinction of belonging to an exclusive community of leaders that accepts new members on an invitation- or qualification-only basis. With our stringent guidelines, you can be confident you are in the company of some of the most driven business professionals.

It is verified by recruiters and leadership coaches worldwide that membership to a leaders community for leadership networking and lifelong learning like “Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square” is extremely valuable for your profile and personal brand.

Promoting Your Membership

Telling others about your Leaders Excellence membership can help you build credibility and recognition within the business community. Promote this esteemed credential by adding your official uniquely numbered certificate of membership to your profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blog, online resume, or website.

MLE℠ (Member of Leaders Excellence) Title

When you join Leaders Excellence, you gain the right to use the esteemed membership title: MLE℠ (Member of Leaders Excellence), which confirms you are rightful member of our high-level community. The title MLE℠ is post-nominal letters which can be exclusively placed after your name to indicate your membership to Leaders Excellence. MLE℠ is an approved and registered service mark by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, classified under education class 41 and business management class 35.

Receive the Leaders Excellence Gold Seal Pin

You will receive our exclusive gold seal pin at no extra cost if you participate in one of our (self-paid) members-only leadership luncheons at the Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge, MA. The Leaders Excellence gold seal pin is from jeweler’s metal and plated in gold. It has an actual size of 1″ and includes a military clutch fastener.

Leaders Excellence Gold Seal Pin

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