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Post-Graduate Program Online from Harvard Square - Leaders Excellence

Post-Graduate Program Online from Harvard Square

This is your chance to gain a career edge by enhancing your professional credentials by being awarded the online Post-Graduate Program in Harvard Square and obtain the title of ‘PGP.’ This exclusive title can be placed after your name to indicate your successful completion of the program.

The online post-graduate program is ideal for business managers and executives who aspire to build post-graduate excellence in leadership and management in order to take their careers to new heights. It is designed to help you to become a highly effective, influential leader.

You will be awarded a certificate of completion after successful completion of each certificate program. When you have successfully completed all six certificate programs, you will be awarded the Post-Graduate Program (PGP) in Harvard Square. As we are an approved educational institution by LinkedIn, you can add this credential to your profile. Additionally, your name will be included in our educational press release which is published on news sites such as ABC 6 News, CBS 7, NBC 6, and many more.

The price for the post-graduate program is $1299. Participants can enroll from all over the world, as the program is completed online. It is scheduled to start on July 8, 2019 and will help you to accelerate your personal and organizational growth.



What are the Courses in the Post-Graduate Program?

The post-graduate program is delivered via 6 certificates which consist of 90 online courses in different areas of leadership and management.

In a podcast, William (Bill) Shea will introduce you to the program and time management. He holds a MBA from Harvard Business School and has been the director of corporate relations and market development for Harvard Business School until last year. Bill is an experienced executive coach and facilitator. He is the coach responsible for our networking and coaching events which are a part of the MLE℠ membership.

You can click on each topic in order to read more about the content and learning goals for the course.

Certificate in Leadership and Management

Budgets and Financial Reports
Coaching and Mentoring
Conducting Annual Employee Reviews
Crisis Management
Developing New Managers
Employee Motivation
Knowledge Management
Leadership and Influence
Lean Process and Six Sigma
Manager Management
Office Politics for Managers
Performance Management
Servant Leadership
Supervising Others
Virtual Team Building and Management

Certificate in Personal Development

Attention Management
Being a Likeable Boss
Critical Thinking
Emotional Intelligence
Goal Setting and Getting Things Done
Improving Mindfulness
Improving Self-Awareness
Managing Workplace Anxiety
Personal Productivity
Public Speaking
Social Intelligence
Social Learning
Stress Management
Taking Initiative
Work-Life Balance

Certificate in Marketing and Sales

Coaching Salespeople
High Performance Teams Inside the Company
High Performance Teams Remote Workforce
In Person Sales
Internet Marketing Fundamentals
Marketing Basics
Media and Public Relations
Motivating Your Sales Team
Overcoming Sales Objections
Presentation Skills
Proposal Writing
Prospecting and Lead Generation
Sales Fundamentals
Social Media Marketing
Top 10 Sales Secrets

Certificate in Human Resources

Business Succession Planning
Contract Management
Employee Onboarding
Employee Recruitment
Employee Termination Processes
Generation Gaps
Health and Wellness at Work
Hiring Strategies
Human Resource Management
Measuring Results From Training
Millennial Onboarding
Talent Management
Workplace Diversity
Workplace Harassment

Certificate in Organizational Essentials

Appreciative Inquiry
Business Acumen
Business Ethics
Business Etiquette
Change Management
Conflict Resolution
Customer Service
Customer Support
Cyber Security
Delivering Constructive Criticism
Developing Corporate Behavior
Handling a Difficult Customer
Networking Within the Company
Risk Assessment and Management
Teamwork and Team Building

Certificate in Career Development

10 Soft Skills You Need
Assertiveness and Self-Confidence
Communication Strategies
Creative Problem Solving
Developing Creativity
Digital Citizenship
Interpersonal Skills
mLearning Essentials
Negotiation Skills
Personal Branding
Project Management
Telework and Telecommuting
The Cloud and Business
Time Management


When Can I Start on the Post-Graduate Program?

We recommend that you complete an average of 2 online courses weekly for 12 months, starting on July 8, 2019. Each course takes between 2-3 hours to complete. You are welcome to complete the program before the designated time.


What is the Program Structure and Format?

The program includes 90 online courses, which are completed via our easy-to-use cloud-based learning management system. Each course consists of an introductory video, 12 online modules, and an eBook. You can complete the program successfully without using the eBooks but you will have to read the preface in each book. If you decide to read all 90 eBooks, you have to expect to use more than the designated time for the program. You can log in to the learning management system from anywhere, making learning self-directed and available 24/7 using any computer or smartphone.


Who Can Complete the Post-Graduate Program?

The post-graduate program offers open enrollment and participants can enroll from all over the world, as the courses are completed online. It is designed for mid- to upper-level managers seeking cross-functional topics in leadership and management. Participants would normally have experience in management roles of increasing responsibility.

Examples of job titles would include manager, director, head, vice president, and others. Job titles and management level depends on industry as well as company size.


What are the Requirements for Completion?

You have to complete the post-graduate program program in 12 months with an average of 180-270 hours of individual work. Each course takes between 2-3 hours to complete. When you have completed the six certificates successfully, you have to conclude the “Networking Outside the Company” module in order to receive the Post-Graduate Program certificate. You should not write any papers but instead complete a multiple choice assessment after each course module with a minimum passing score of 70%. If you don’t finish the program in 12 months or with a passing score of at least 70%, you will not be awarded the certificate of completion.


What about English Skills?

If English is not your first language, you don’t have to worry. You just have to understand English in order to complete the post-graduate program.


What are the Cost of the Post-Graduate Program?

The price for the post-graduate program is $1299 (not subject to sales tax). If you want to see the program fee in another currency, follow this link »


What about Payment and Cancellation?

Payment is due upon your registration via credit card and is non-refundable. After submitting your program registration below, you will be forwarded to our credit card payment page. If your debit or credit card can not be processed, please contact us for alternative payments. Enrollment is not confirmed until payment is received.

Leaders Excellence reserves the right to cancel the post-graduate program at any time and for any reason. In the unlikely event of cancellation, paid program fee will be refunded immediately.


Will I be Named in a Press Release?

After successful completion, your name will be included among the other participants from that year in our yearly educational press release which is published on news sites such as ABC 6 News, CBS 7, Chicago News Journal, International Business Times, NBC 6, LA News Journal, NBC Right Now, New York News Journal, Philadelphia News Journal, The Times of Miami, and many more.


Can I add the Credential to my LinkedIn Profile?

When you have successfully completed the program, you can add this credential to your LinkedIn profile under the education section as we are an approved educational institution by LinkedIn.


Will I Obtain a Certificate?

You will be awarded a certificate of completion after successful completion of each certificate program. When you have successfully completed all six certificate programs, you will be awarded the online Post-Graduate Program certificate in Harvard Square issued by Leaders Excellence. It is a non-degree certificate program, not for credit nor affiliated with Harvard or other universities.

The title ‘PGP’ can be exclusively placed after your name to indicate your successful completion of the program.



How do I Register for the Post-Graduate Program?

To register for the post-graduate program, please complete the registration form below and you will be forwarded to our payment page after you have submitted your information.

Once your program registration and payment has been confirmed, you will be enrolled for the post-graduate program on July 8, 2019.

If you have any questions, please email us at programs@LeadersExcellence.com.

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