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Webinar by HBS Professor Tom Eisenmann

You can now view our recording of the live Leaders Excellence webinar by our honorary fellow and Harvard Business School professor Tom Eisenmann on his most recent book “Why Startups Fail: A New Roadmap for Entrepreneurial Success”. This Leaders Excellence webinar is hosted by the founder and president of Leaders Excellence, Dan Hoeyer, and moderated by William (Bill) Shea, who holds an MBA from Harvard and is the former director of corporate relations and market development for Harvard Business School.

Why do startups fail? That question hit HBS professor Eisenman with full force when he realized he couldn’t explain it. And since more than two thirds of new ventures fail, that left a lot of explaining to do. So he launched a multi-year research project to find out.

In this live Leaders Excellence webinar, Harvard professor and chair of Harvard Innovation Labs, Tom Eisenmann, discusses six distinct patterns that account for the vast majority of startup failures. He offers frameworks for detecting when a venture is vulnerable to these patterns, along with strategies and tactics for avoiding them. Tom blends both practitioner experience and academic research, and he answer questions during the session. You can view our recorded version of the live webinar by clicking on the play button below.


Tom Eisenmann is the Howard H. Stevenson Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, Peter O. Crisp Chair, Harvard Innovation Labs, and Faculty Co-Chair of the HBS Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, the Harvard MS/MBA Program, and the Harvard College Technology Innovation Fellows Program. In recent years, he has served as Chair of Harvard’s MBA Elective Curriculum—the 2nd year of the MBA Program—and as course head of The Entrepreneurial Manager, taught to all 900 1st-year MBAs. Prior to entering the HBS Doctoral Program, Eisenmann spent eleven years as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. He currently serves as a director on the board of Harvard Business Publishing.

You can buy the book “Why Startups Fail: A New Roadmap for Entrepreneurial Success” on Amazon by clicking here »

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