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Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square℠, an exclusive esteemed membership certification and credential.

A completed application plus a membership fee of $59 and an initial setup/admission fee of $99 entitles you to an array of powerful benefits that can help you build your professional network, discover new opportunities, and advance your leadership. The initial (one-time) setup fee includes admission and completion of your uniquely numbered certificate of membership. As our events and resources are online, this membership is open to business leaders globally.

Upon acceptance and receipt of payment, you will receive an official uniquely numbered certificate of membership and a digital membership seal to your LinkedIn profile. With a Leaders Excellence membership certification in Harvard Square, you gain the right to use the esteemed membership title: MLE℠ (Member of Leaders Excellence), an approved and registered service mark by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Additionally, you will get access to our networking and learning platform which includes a wealth of resources and online podcast lectures on key topics that drive organ­i­za­tional and personal growth. To benefit from the Leaders Excellence network, our members can join us for “Leadership Live from Harvard Square” via video conferencing and make connections with other Leaders Excellence members residing in different parts of the world.

Our organization is supported by some of the world’s most esteemed thought leaders, deans, chairs, professors, and academic affiliates from such prestigious universities like Yale, MIT, Stanford, Wharton, and Harvard. Our most recent honorary fellows are: Thomas Eisenmann, chair of Harvard Innovation Labs and professor at Harvard Business School; David Fubini, professor at Harvard Business School; Frank Cespedes, professor at Harvard Business School; Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing.

In order for you to become a member, you must currently hold a position in middle- to upper-level management. Membership is offered on a qualification- or invitation-only basis to preserve the integrity and exclusivity of our network. If your background is comparable to our members’ profiles, you are a good candidate for membership to Leaders Excellence.

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To apply for membership, please complete the form below.
We require our applicants to pay the membership dues in advance so that we can validate the commitment and authenticity of the application. After submitting your application below, you will be forwarded to our payment page. Upon receipt of your payment, we will review your application and respond within 24 hours. Should your application not be approved, we will issue an instant refund of your payment.
The payment for Indian applicants is INR ₹11,500, which includes the quarterly membership fee of INR ₹3,900 and the initial setup/admission fee of INR ₹7,600.

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    Privacy: At Leaders Excellence, we take your privacy very seriously. You can be assured that your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be published or sold to third parties.

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