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Earn Your Mini-MBA Online from Harvard Square

Gain an edge over your peers with the distinctive Leaders Excellence Mini-MBA℠ designed for career-driven business professionals.

Do you aspire to become a next-level business leader? Open exciting new doors with the Mini-MBA program from Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square.

Created for business professionals looking to elevate their career, this Mini-MBA program empowers you to quickly accelerate your personal and organizational growth. Gain a deeper understanding of essential business and management topics—and unlock your potential with robust leadership training.

The Leaders Excellence Mini-MBA℠ program is delivered 100% online from Harvard Square:

Take part in an engaging, innovative learning experience comprised of short courses on essential MBA topics.

Position yourself for advancement and new opportunities in your field.

Build skills you can apply immediately to add value to your organization.

Learn online, on your schedule, from your mobile device or computer.

Earn an exclusive Mini-MBA designation to be placed on your LinkedIn profile after successful completion of your program.

Be featured in our annual press release along with your fellow program participants and appear on a number of respected news sites.

The Leaders Excellence Mini-MBA℠ is made of self-paced online courses in key aspects of business and management, which offers participants flexibility and an affordable price. Every course includes video teaching notes, ebooks, and audio visual media training modules, allowing you to take the course when you’re ready and at your own pace. Online learners are more and more interested in taking control of their own learning rather than the traditional classroom approaches. In short, this is a cost-effective, convenient, and self-paced learning environment.

The program cost is $990. Upon receipt of your payment, we will set you up for the program on the next business day. Gain a strong foundation in business administration and prepare for your next level.

The Leaders Excellence Mini-MBA℠ is an approved and registered service mark by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, classified under education class 41.


Why Leaders Excellence?

Leaders Excellence is a top-level global leadership development provider. We offer uniquely designed, expert-led online executive education programs as well as an exclusive, members-only club at Harvard Square.

Our organization is supported by some of the world’s most esteemed thought leaders, deans, chairs, professors, and academic affiliates from such prestigious universities like Yale, MIT, Stanford, Wharton, and Harvard. Our most recent honorary fellows are: Tom Eisenmann, chair of Harvard Innovation Labs and professor at Harvard Business School; David Fubini, professor at Harvard Business School; Frank Cespedes, professor at Harvard Business School; Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing.

Our faculty and fellows hail from leading research and educator networks including the Management Research Network at SSRN, Harvard Business Publishing Education and the Baker Library / Bloomberg Center at Harvard Business School.

Our organization is listed in Training Industry, the most trusted source of information on the business of learning.

As a member of the Harvard Square Business Association, we are included in the Harvard community at Harvard Square and a member of Harvard Faculty Club which is the venue for our meetings and workshops in Harvard Square.

Since 2014, more than 4,000 professionals from 40+ countries, ranging from global Fortune 1000 companies to startups, have enrolled in our executive education programs and membership.



What is the Feedback from Previous Participants?

This is direct feedback provided by previous participants or through posts on LinkedIn, using their exact words describing their experience studying at our institution and completing our online programs.

James Welsh, Head of Global Trust Affairs and Monetary Exchange, Sequoyah Energy & Development, USA
Through the education available from this amazing organization and completion of a highly valuable leadership program, Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square has helped me to advance my career and leadership skills.

Dr. Pinkulal Karan, CHA & Quality Officer, Sathya Kidney Centre & Superspeciality Hospitals, India
Received my Official Certificate in Leadership & Management from the renowned Harvard Square (Leaders Excellence). Thanks to Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square and team. This course is uniquely designed, Expert led learning based. Happy to take part in elite Leaders Excellence program.

Abhishek Mishra, Product Leader, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Austria
Completed the Certificate program in Leadership and Management from the prestigious, Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square. Thanks to the team who put a lot of thought into designing the course. Thank you Dan Hoeyer for creating a brilliant platform and introducing amazing strategies of leadership and management in such a well structured manner.

Kumar Venkatesan, Delivery Head, HCL Technologies, India
Leadership development from Harvard Square!
Very useful course and executive development program from Leadership Excellence at Harvard Square.

Jan Zimon, Senior Design Engineer, Noratel, Germany
I am very happy and proud to complete successfully my Certificate at Harvard Square. Thank you Dan Hoeyer, for this great opportunity. I learned a lot during the study – now is time for implementation.

Meenakshi Sankaran, Project Manager, GBS, India
Thank you for the support and the beautifully crafted Mini-MBA course.

Bryant Ragsdale, Senior Advertising Account Executive, The Philadelphia Tribune Media Group, USA
Thank you for the challenging course. I really enjoyed it once I set myself to do it. If you have another Mini-MBA program in finance, I would be interested in taking it.


Why is Leadership Development Important?

They say that leaders are born, not made. While it is true that some people are born leaders, some leaders are born in the midst of adversity. Often, people who have never had a leadership role will stand up and take the lead when a situation they care about requires it. A simple example is parenting. When a child arrives, many parents discover leadership abilities they never knew existed in order to guide and protect their offspring.

Once you learn the techniques of true Leadership, you will be able to build the confidence it takes to take the lead. The more experience you have acting as a genuine leader, the easier it will be for you. It is never easy to take the lead, as you will need to make decisions and face challenges, but it can become natural and rewarding.

With the Leaders Excellence Mini-MBA℠ you will master the mission-critical business and leadership skills today’s leaders need to empower their people and drive organizational growth.



Why Should I Get a Mini-MBA?

A Mini-MBA program can be an excellent alternative to a traditional MBA, offering ways to learn new skills and business tactics or get the latest information about modern business practices. Many business leaders are drawn to this approach, providing a way to supplement their business education and qualifications.

In short, the Mini-MBA is a fast-track certificate version of an MBA that condenses the curriculum and content into a shorter period of time.


Want Mini-MBA Course Updates to Stay Ahead?

We have updated some of our online Mini-MBA courses, making them 100% relevant to these unprecedented times and circumstances that we are experiencing today. These topics range from Crisis Management to Telework and Virtual Team Building, while also covering those classic ideals that are the foundation of current practices.

Our press release on the announcement of course updates to our Mini-MBA program was successfully published on national news sites such as New York News Journal, San Francisco News Journal, Washington News Journal, and many more. International news sites include All India Bulletin, England Headline, and Shanghai Mirror.


How Does the Online Mini-MBA Program Work?

This Leaders Excellence Mini-MBA℠ program includes 30 online courses, which are completed via our easy-to-use, cloud-based learning management system. Each course consists of an introductory video, 12 online modules, an eBook and quick reference sheet. You can complete the program successfully without using the eBooks or quick reference sheets.

If you decide to read all 30 eBooks, you should expect to use more than the designated time for the program. You can log in to the learning management system from anywhere, making learning self-directed and available 24/7 using any computer or smartphone.

You will also be invited to participate in our monthly (non-mandatory) online sessions “Leadership Live from Harvard Square” via video conferencing which is hosted by the founder of Leaders Excellence, Dan Hoeyer, and facilitated by a leadership expert, who will set the scene for discussion. Among these leadership experts are: William (Bill) Shea, who holds an MBA from Harvard and is the former director of corporate relations and market development for Harvard Business School; Barbara Mink, senior lecturer and assurance of learning director for the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University; David Lewin, professor emeritus of UCLA Anderson School of Management and managing director at Berkeley Research Group. These immersive workshops are a convenient way to share your knowledge and meet other like-minded professionals with whom you can build valuable business relationships.

Click here to see and try a complete course module on Time Management (wait for load time).
This demo includes the 12 online modules to the course but not the introductory video, eBook and quick reference sheet. The Time Management course is not a part of this program but gives you a chance to see the structure and delivery of a course.


What Are the Courses in the Online Mini-MBA Program?

Click on each topic below to read more about the content and learning goals for each Mini-MBA course.


When Can I Start the Mini-MBA Program?

Upon receipt of your payment, we will set you up for the program on the next business day.

We recommend you complete an average of 2 online courses weekly for 4 months. Each course takes between 2-3 hours to complete. You are welcome to finish the program before the designated time.


Will I Receive a Mini-MBA Certificate?

When you have successfully completed the program, you will be awarded the Mini-MBA certificate. This official proof-of-completion document is issued by Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square, organized in 2014 under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Business certificate programs in the U.S. are not eligible for local or national accreditation. Our certificate programs are based on best practices and standards in online education.

The Leaders Excellence Mini-MBA℠ is an approved and registered service mark by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, classified under education class 41.

Your completion certificate is delivered online and ready for printing and framing. As part of your successful completion of this program, you can order a framed completion certificate at any time.

This exclusive credential can be placed after your name to indicate your successful completion of the program.



Who Can Apply for the Mini-MBA Certificate Program?

The Leaders Excellence Mini-MBA℠ program is open to participants from all over the world, since the courses are completed online. It is designed for ambitious professionals seeking to build cross-functional skills in business administration. Participants typically have experience in management roles of increasing responsibility. There are no formal degree or experience requirements for the program.

Examples of job titles include manager, director, head, vice president and others. Job titles and management level depend on industry as well as company size.


What Are the Requirements for Mini-MBA Completion?

You must complete the Leaders Excellence Mini-MBA℠ program within 4 months, with an average of 60-90 hours of individual work. Each course takes between 2-3 hours to complete. You are not required to write any papers in the Mini-MBA program. Instead, after each course module, you will complete a multiple-choice assessment with a minimum passing score of 70%. If you don’t pass it with the minimum score, you can repeat it multiple times. In order to be awarded the certificate of completion, you must finish the program within 4 months and with a passing score of at least 70%.

When you have completed the program, you can download all the ebooks and quick reference sheets for future reference on each topic.


Do I Need to Speak English Fluently in Order to Apply?

English doesn’t have to be your first language in order to participate in this Mini-MBA certificate program. However, you must understand English in order to complete the coursework. If English is not your first language, you should expect to take more than the designated time to complete your program.


What is the Cost of the Mini-MBA Certificate?

The program fee for the Leaders Excellence Mini-MBA℠ is $990 and includes all costs (not subject to sales tax). This price includes the online courses in the learning management system, leadership live from Harvard Square via video conferencing, ebooks, named in annual press release and the completion certificate online. If you want to convert the fee to another currency, click here.

Your completion certificate is delivered online and ready for printing and framing. If you want to get a framed completion certificate in black (8×10), you can order it at any time for $49 by clicking here. It includes domestic or international shipping.


What About Payment and Cancellation?

Payment is due upon your registration via credit card and is non-refundable. After submitting your program registration below, you will be forwarded to our credit card payment page. If your debit or credit card cannot be processed, please contact us for alternative payment options. Enrollment is not confirmed until payment is received.

Leaders Excellence reserves the right to cancel the online Mini-MBA program at any time and for any reason. In the unlikely event of cancellation, the paid program fee will be refunded immediately.


Can I Apply for a Scholarship?

We offer scholarships based on your financial need. You may qualify for a need-based scholarship if you come from a low-income background but have great leadership potential or are unemployed.

We offer scholarships up to $500 per individual, which will reduce the program fee to $490. If you are granted a scholarship (valid for 30 days), you will be enrolled to the program after we have received your payment.

You should send your request for a scholarship one week prior to the date you would like to start on the Mini-MBA program, which should also include your LinkedIn profile URL or a CV to our admissions team at


Will I Be Named in a Press Release?

After successful completion of your program, your name will be included among the other Mini-MBA recipients from that year in our annual press release which is distributed to many popular national and international news outlets. Our most recent press release was published on national news sites such as CBS 16, FOX 40, NBC 2, New York News Journal, San Francisco News Journal, Washington News Journal, and many more. International news sites included All India Bulletin, Aussie Headlines, England Headline, International Business Times, and Shanghai Mirror.


Can I Add the Credential to My LinkedIn Profile?

Absolutely! When you have successfully completed your online Mini-MBA program, you can add this credential to your LinkedIn profile under the Education section. Leaders Excellence is proud to be an approved educational institution by LinkedIn.


What About Meetings in Harvard Square?

Leaders Excellence members and alumni receive exclusive invitations to our leadership luncheons at the Harvard Faculty Club. With its unique ambiance, reflective of the university’s proud traditions and rich heritage, Harvard Faculty Club is a great place to meet and network with peers. It is open only to members of the Harvard community.


Brick building with red door that says Faculty Club above it


How Do I Register for the Mini-MBA Certificate Program?

To register for the online Leaders Excellence Mini-MBA℠ program, please complete the registration form below. You will be forwarded to our payment page after you have submitted your information.

Upon receipt of your payment, we will set you up for the program on the next business day.

If you have any questions, please email us at

First Name:

Last Name:


Cell (Mobile) Number:

Address 1:


Postal / Zip Code:


LinkedIn Profile URL:

Current Position/Company/Education:

Privacy: At Leaders Excellence, we take your privacy very seriously. You can be assured that your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be published or sold to third parties.

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