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Do you possess the ambition and drive to ascend as a pioneering conscious business leader? Establish a robust foundation in business administration and unlock new opportunities with the Executive Mini-MBA℠ from Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square. Indeed Conscious leadership represents a cutting-edge methodology employed by today’s most successful business leaders. In essence This program enables global leaders to cultivate these vital leadership competencies, offering you a competitive advantage in the contemporary business landscape, which prioritizes self-awareness and genuineness. Furthermore, Delivered entirely online from the renowned Harvard Square and featuring specially tailored MBA-level courses, our Executive Mini-MBA stands among the world’s elite.

The Executive Mini-MBA℠ is a comprehensive program comprising 50 self-directed online courses covering critical leadership and management concepts, along with a Harvard video case study on Truly Human Leadership and an in-depth capstone course on Teamwork and Team Building. To elaborate, This format offers learners the flexibility and efficiency of an online learning environment, catering to those who prefer to steer their educational journey, as opposed to traditional classroom settings. As a result, With an average study commitment of just 15 hours per month, the program effectively integrates work-life balance. Moreover, Each course is designed with interactive modules and extensive materials, enabling you to engage at your convenience and pace. Additionally, participants can join our ‘Leadership Live from Harvard Square’ sessions through video conferencing.  We also regularly host distinguished professors from prestigious institutions like Stanford and Harvard to deliver lectures on vital and current topics.

Embark on your educational journey with our exclusive virtual kickoff event, featuring a personalized welcome from the President of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square. Delve into the rich academic heritage of historic Harvard Square, all from the convenience of your own space. Get ready to immerse yourself in a realm of knowledge, tradition, and excellence.

What are the Answers to Our Most Asked Questions?

Reduced tuition fee of $1,995

12-month online self-paced program

180 hours of average study, 15 hours monthly

Harvard video case study, capstone teamwork course

Open for professionals globally who aspire to be effective and conscious leaders

Alumni from organizations like Deloitte, CVS, Heineken, Lexmark, Nokia, PG, SAP, and many more


What Are the Courses in the Executive Mini-MBA Program?

Explore each topic listed below to discover more about the content and learning objectives for each course in the Executive Mini-MBA program.

Harvard Case Study on Truly Human Leadership

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Enroll Anytime

Open enrollment all year around with rolling admission

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100% Online

The program is delivered online through interactive modules

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Includes 50 Courses

50 self-paced courses online from Harvard Square

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Complete Anytime

Can be completed before the designated time

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Scholarship Available

For tuition reductions reach us at info@LeadersExcellence.com

Will I Receive an Executive Mini-MBA Certificate?

Once you successfully complete the program, you will receive the distinguished Executive Mini-MBA certificate. As a result, This official document, signifying your achievement, is issued by Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square, an institution established in 2014 under the statutes of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Moreover The Executive Mini-MBA℠, a service mark approved and registered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, falls under education class 41. Furthermore, Your certificate of completion will be available online, ready for download, printing, and framing. Additionally, This exclusive credential can be proudly displayed alongside your name, symbolizing your accomplishment in completing this prestigious program.



Why Leaders Excellence Education?

Our programs are meticulously crafted to align with the highest U.S. education standards, a testament to our commitment to excellence in online education. Renowned for spearheading MBA-level certificate programs delivered online, we extend our educational reach to accredited universities, prestigious institutions, and leading organizations globally. With our president’s privileged access to the Harvard Faculty Club, facilitated through our membership with the Harvard Square Business Association, we forge a strong alignment with the esteemed Harvard community in Harvard Square. This connection serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Furthermore, as a member of AACSB International, we align ourselves with the world’s most distinguished educational institutions and business schools, ensuring unparalleled quality and adherence to the highest standards.

mini mba student3

John Alex
Neokred, India
“I am happy to share that I completed the program and it provided me with a lot of valuable learnings and insights.”

mini mba student1

Vikas Sharma
First Abu Dhabi Bank, UAE
“I recommend it to the working professionals community, because it’s crisp, concise, online, objective oriented, and creates a good level of alignment in the mindset with critical organizational aspects.”

mini mba student2

Furtoso Gonsalves
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, USA
“I’m so glad to complete the course. Thank you all at Leaders Excellence for crafting an amazing experience.”


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between an Executive Mini-MBA and a traditional MBA program?

An Executive Mini-MBA, like the one offered by Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square, is a condensed and focused version of a traditional MBA program. While both cover essential business topics, an Executive Mini-MBA is designed for busy professionals who seek to enhance their skills without committing to a full-length MBA. The program typically offers a shorter duration, self-paced online format, and focuses on practical, hands-on learning.

What are the main topics covered in an Executive Mini-MBA?

The Executive Mini-MBA program covers a comprehensive range of topics essential for effective business leadership and management. This includes courses in leadership and management, personal development, marketing and sales, human resources, organizational essentials, and professional advancement. Additionally, participants engage in a Harvard case study on Truly Human Leadership and a capstone course on Teamwork and Team Building.

How does the format of an Executive Mini-MBA differ from a traditional MBA?

Unlike traditional MBA programs that often require full-time enrollment and attendance at on-campus classes, Executive Mini-MBA programs are typically delivered entirely online. This format offers flexibility for professionals to study at their own pace and integrate their learning with their work schedules. Additionally, Executive Mini-MBA programs may focus more on practical, real-world applications of business concepts rather than theoretical coursework.

Can I pursue an Executive Mini-MBA while working full-time?

Yes, individuals can pursue an Executive Mini-MBA while working full-time. The self-paced online format allows participants to study at their convenience, making it feasible to balance work and education commitments. With an average study commitment of just 15 hours per month, the program integrates well with busy professional schedules.

Do Executive Mini-MBA programs include networking opportunities?

While Executive Mini-MBA programs primarily focus on self-paced online learning, they often include opportunities for networking and engagement with fellow participants, industry experts, and guest lecturers. For example, the program may offer live video conferencing sessions, virtual events, and access to alumni networks, providing avenues for networking and collaboration.

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