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Member Benefits

Would you like to form valuable new connections with fellow business leaders? What if you could access an unlimited wealth of resources to help you drive your organization’s growth (and your own)? This can all be yours when you become a certified member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square℠.

Incorporated in the historic Harvard Square in 2014, Leaders Excellence is an exclusive members-only club and educational organization focused on online leadership networking and lifelong learning. Membership is available for select leaders across the nation and globally, with online access to top-level resources and monthly online learning and networking sessions “Leadership Live from Harvard Square” via video conferencing.


Why Join Leaders Excellence?

As a Leaders Excellence member, you’ll enjoy the prestige of belonging to an exclusive members-only club at Harvard Square. Join more than 1,500 carefully selected leaders from 30 countries. Two-thirds are based in the U.S. while one-third is based globally.

Our organization is supported by some of the world’s most esteemed thought leaders, deans, chairs, professors, and academic affiliates from such prestigious universities like Yale, MIT, Stanford, Wharton, and Harvard. Our most recent honorary fellows are: Tom Eisenmann, chair of Harvard Innovation Labs and professor at Harvard Business School; David Fubini, professor at Harvard Business School; Frank Cespedes, professor at Harvard Business School; Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing.

As a member of the Harvard Square Business Association, we are included in the Harvard community at Harvard Square and a member of Harvard Faculty Club which is the venue for our meetings and workshops in Harvard Square.



Membership entitles you to:

Use of the esteemed membership title: MLE℠ (Member of Leaders Excellence), an approved and registered service mark by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

An official, frameable, uniquely numbered certificate of membership and a digital seal for your LinkedIn profile.

Unlimited access to our robust networking and learning platform, featuring monthly informative podcast lectures and ebooks on key business topics.

Become a Leaders Excellence Certified Leader℠ at no extra cost after 2 years of membership and program completion.

Invitations and notifications about virtual events in Harvard Square which is adjacent to Harvard Yard, the historic heart of Harvard University.

Monthly online “Leadership Live from Harvard Square” sessions via video conferencing. Work with our leadership experts and be challenged on your skills for workplace success. Make face-to-face connections with other members to discuss critical business topics. Learn more about our upcoming online events.




Powerful Benefits

  • Leadership Networking

    Build long-lasting and beneficial relationships with fellow leaders:

    • Leadership networking via video conferencing

    • Advanced search tool to find fellow members

    • Online leadership discussion sessions

    Learn More

  • Individual Learning

    Learn from top experts addressing today’s leadership challenges:

    • Valuable advice from our panel of top experts

    • Insights through relevant resources for leaders

    • Monthly online mini courses by top experts

    Learn More

  • Personal Branding

    Credibility and distinction provided by your membership:

    • Permission to use the distinguished title: MLE℠

    • Digital membership seal to your LinkedIn profile

    • Uniquely numbered certificate of membership

    Learn More

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