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High Performance Teams Inside the Company – March 2020

Exclusively for members of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square, High Performance Teams Inside the Company is the topic and lecture series in March.



The term “high performance teams” has become a frequently used buzzword. It is easy to talk about high performance teams, but what are they, how are they formed, and what benefits do they provide? This month’s topic will help you find the answer to these questions and develop your own high performance teams.


The Benefits of High Performance Teams

There are many benefits of high performing teams. In creating high performance teams, employees become more satisfied, and their quality of work improves. Taking the time to build high performance teams in an organization creates loyalty, creates visibility, enhances collaboration, and provides optimum productivity.


Creates Loyalty

Developing high performing teams instills intrinsic motivation within employees. They find meaning in their work, and this satisfies them more than extrinsic motivators such as commissions. When employees are intrinsically motivated at work, they are less likely to leave the organization. Satisfied employees are loyal, and loyalty reduces turnover.


Optimum Productivity

Creating high performance teams will lead to optimum productivity. This benefit goes beyond numbers on reports. Optimal productivity begins with the behavior of individual team members who learn to trust each other. As trust builds within the team, the individual members will work together more efficiently. As the team learns to work together, their roles become clear to them, and they communicate better.



Collaboration is both a product of high performance teams and an essential aspect of them. Collaboration occurs when the members of the team work together towards a single goal. Successful collaboration requires everyone involved to respect and encourage diversity. This includes the diversity of opinion and people. Respect is the key to collaboration.


Creates Visibility

High performance teams create visibility. The actions taken by each member of the teams need to be apparent to everyone involved, particularly the manager of the team. When there is visibility, teams work better together.


This Month’s Topic Includes:

• The Benefits of High Performance Teams
• Challenges of High Performance Teams
• How to Build and Lead High Performance Teams
• Characteristics of High Performance Teams
Roles of an Effective Team Leader
• Leading High Performance Teams (I)
• Leading High Performance Teams (II)
• Ideas for Motivating High Performance Teams
• Steps to Retaining High Performers
Augmenting Team Performance


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