Individual Learning

Gain valuable insights through relevant resources for leaders and online podcast lectures on essential leadership topics.

The most successful leaders are those who never stop learning. When you become a member of Leaders Excellence, you embark on an eye-opening journey enriched by collaboration and exploration. Share your own experiences and benefit from the experiences of others as you build your confidence and leadership skills.

Membership in Leaders Excellence gives you access to a wealth of resources that cover relevant topics on leadership and management. We share selected articles and content from Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and Working Knowledge, a resource by Harvard Business School.

Harvard Square Leadership Excellence Series

On behalf of the academic team of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square, we are pleased to present the “Harvard Square Leadership Excellence Series” which are online mini courses by top experts. Every month, a new topic is presented in our Study Room in order to provide you with inspirational ideas, penetrating insights, and practical advice from our faculty team. The program consists of ebooks, podcast lectures and online workshops via video conferencing on key topics that drive organ­i­za­tional and personal growth. It covers the latest thoughts on leadership and management along with the classical ideals that form the foundations of current practices.

Discussion Topics Created by Top Management Faculty

You can engage in discussion topics created by top management faculty. These topics reflect the key issues affecting management and leadership in the modern workplace, and will encourage you to ask deeper questions and think more critically as you hone your leadership competencies.

Ask a Question

If you have a question on each month’s topic, you can ask it to our panel of top experts.

To discover new insights and best practices on leadership related topics and soft skills, please visit our blog.

HBR IdeaCast

HBR IdeaCast, a weekly podcast featuring the leading thinkers in business and management from Harvard Business Review. The podcasts are posted on our website instantly via Harvard Business Review where you can download three monthly.


This section features the most recent articles from “strategy+business” on strategy and leadership. The selected articles are posted on our website instantly via strategy+business.


On this page, you can watch a regularly updated video by an honorary fellow of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square.

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