Leadership Live from Harvard Square

Members of Leaders Excellence may join our “Leadership Live from Harvard Square” sessions via video conferencing. These sessions are facilitated by a leadership expert, who will set the scene for discussion on each month’s topic. We are also inviting top professors from renowned universities such as Stanford and Harvard to these sessions several times a year to lecture on essential and trending topics.

The purpose is to discuss leadership within each month’s topic but, more importantly, to network with fellow members. We keep a clear understanding of the purpose of the discussion and establish goals and objectives that the group can work towards. This will help to keep the discussion focused and productive. Ultimately, the goal of our group discussions are to make progress towards a shared objective.

This is also your opportunity to make valuable, real-time video conferenced connections with other Leaders Excellence members residing in different parts of the world.

Our top speaker this year is Francesca Gino, professor at Harvard Business School on Rebel Talent: Why It Pays to Break the Rules at Work and in Life.

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Leadership Discussions from Harvard Square

Leaders Excellence members and alumni are exclusively invited to our “Leadership Luncheons” at the Harvard Faculty Club for an extra cost. With its unique ambiance, reflective of the university’s proud traditions and rich heritage, the Faculty Club is located at Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is open only to members of the Harvard community.

Aside from our membership to the Harvard Faculty Club, we have reciprocal privileges with clubs belonging to the Association of College and University Clubs and may also visit non-ACUC clubs like Oxford and Cambridge University Club in London, UK as well as selected university clubs globally.


Brick building with red door that says Faculty Club above it

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