Leadership Live from Harvard Square

Leaders Excellence members have the exclusive opportunity to engage in our ‘Leadership Live from Harvard Square’ sessions, accessible through video conferencing. Each session commences with a specially curated lecture on a pertinent leadership topic, followed by a dynamic group discussion led by a selected member. These sessions aren’t just about exploring monthly leadership themes; they’re a gateway to connect and network with peers across the globe. Additionally, we frequently host eminent professors from prestigious institutions like Stanford and Harvard, offering insights on vital and contemporary subjects. This platform provides an unparalleled chance to establish valuable, real-time connections with fellow Leaders Excellence members worldwide, all through the convenience of video conferencing.

Recent speakers include: Ashley Whillans, professor at Harvard Business School on Time Smart; Raj Sisodia, distinguished university professor on Awakening Conscious Leadership; Mohan Subramaniam, professor at IMD Business School on The Future of Competitive Strategy; Jeffrey Pfeffer, professor at Stanford University on 7 Rules of Power.



Understanding various aspects of leadership is vital, which is why our ‘Leadership Live from Harvard Square’ sessions are so important. In these discussion sessions, participants gain insights into different leadership styles, delve into leadership theories, learn about emotional intelligence, and develop communication skills. They also explore decision-making processes, conflict resolution strategies, team building dynamics, change management, ethical leadership, and leadership development methods. These sessions provide a comprehensive perspective on effective leadership, its challenges, and best practices, equipping attendees with the knowledge and skills to excel in leadership roles.

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