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Leadership Networking

Our networking platform gives you the opportunity to make valuable, face-to-face connections with other leaders.

In order to be an effective leader in today’s organizations, a person must network. An effective leader is a skilled networker and has access to all of the people, resources, and information to assist in problem-solving and create opportunities. When leaders neglect their networks, they are missing out one of the most critical components of their role as leaders. When you recognize networking is an integral part of your role as a leader, you will take action to develop and nurture related skills. Once this happens, you will create benefits for yourself, team, and your organization.

Online Video Conferencing

Through the power of online video conferencing, Leaders Excellence brings you a new way to make meaningful business connections—without the geographic limitations and headaches inherent with in-person networking. As a Leaders Excellence member, you engage in online video conferencing sessions with fellow members. This unique integration of networking and video conferencing can be a powerful tool in helping you quickly build your professional network. In fact, there has never been a more convenient way to meet other like-minded professionals and build valuable, long-lasting business relationships.

Networking and Leadership Conversations

To benefit from the Leaders Excellence network, join us for our online Networking and Leadership Conversations via video conferencing in our study room. For each event, our executive coach William (Bill) Shea will participate with the purpose of challenging you on leadership skills for workplace success. This is a very convenient way to share knowledge on the topic and meet other like-minded professionals to build valuable, long-lasting business relationships. This event is hosted by William (Bill) Shea, who holds an MBA from Harvard and is the former director of corporate relations and market development for Harvard Business School. Bill—an experienced executive coach—will facilitate each session.

Events in the historic Harvard Square

As we are headquartered in the historic Harvard Square and a member of the Harvard Square Business Association, every month you will be invited and notified about live webinars and special events in Harvard Square which is the home and gathering place for authors, poets, publishers, printers, teachers, students, and booksellers.

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