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Webinar by Darden Professor Edward Hess

You can now view our recording of the live Leaders Excellence webinar by professor Edward Hess on his most recent book “Hyper-Learning: How to Adapt to the Speed of Change“. This Leaders Excellence webinar is hosted by the founder and president of Leaders Excellence, Dan Hoeyer, and moderated by William (Bill) Shea, who holds an MBA from Harvard and is the former director of corporate relations and market development for Harvard Business School.

The Digital Age will require humans to continuously adapt and evolve by learning – unlearning and relearning at the speed of change. Your biggest competition in the Digital Age will be yourself. “Mastery of Self” and “Otherness” are the two-mission critical skills that enable Hyper-Learning.

In this live recorded webinar, professor Ed Hess talks about how to adapt at the speed of change in order to stay relevant in the digital age by excelling at higher-order thinking and emotionally connecting in ways that technology cannot. Ed blends both practitioner experience and academic research, and he answer questions during the session. You can view our recorded version of the live webinar by clicking on the play button below.


Edward D. Hess is Professor Emeritus of Business Administration, Batten Fellow and Batten Executive-in-Residence Emeritus at the Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia. Professor Hess spent twenty years in the business world as a Senior Executive and has spent the last 18 years in academia. He is the author of 13 books and over 140 articles and 60 Darden Case studies. His work has appeared in over 400 global media outlets including Fortune, HBR, Fast Company, WIRED, Forbes, and many more.

You can buy the book “Hyper-Learning: How to Adapt to the Speed of Change” on Amazon by clicking here »

You can now view our recording of the live webinar by Harvard Business School professor Ashley Whillans on her most recent book “Time Smart: How to Reclaim Your Time and Live a Happier Life“ by clicking here »

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