Become a Leaders Excellence Certified Leader Online from Harvard Square

Enhance your professional skills and leadership abilities while gaining a competitive edge in your career. Are you an ambitious business professional aiming to become a more impactful and influential leader? Advance your career with our Leaders Excellence Certified Leader℠ program, available online from Harvard Square. This program offers self-paced online courses focusing on critical leadership and management aspects. Each course features interactive modules and comprehensive materials, providing the flexibility to learn at your convenience and pace. This program caters to the growing preference for self-directed online learning over traditional classroom methods.

To qualify for the program, you must be a member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square for over two years. The program, included in your membership, incurs no additional cost. Upon online registration, we’ll enroll you in the program on the next business day. The curriculum comprises 10 online courses, and you’re encouraged to complete the program within the designated timeframe.

To successfully finish the program, it is required to be completed within a 2-month timeframe, entailing an average of 30 hours of individual effort. Each course in the program is designed to be completed in approximately 3 hours.


What Are the Courses in the Program?

Explore each topic below for detailed insights into the curriculum and learning objectives of each course in the Leaders Excellence Certified Leader℠ online program.


Will I Receive a Certificate?

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive the prestigious Leaders Excellence Certified Leader℠ certificate. This certificate, a tangible testament to your achievement, is issued by Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square, established in 2014 in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Leaders Excellence Certified Leader℠ is a recognized and registered service mark in Massachusetts, categorized under education class 41. You will receive your certificate digitally, ready for print and display. Additionally, if you wish to have a professionally framed completion certificate, it is available for order. This distinguished credential can proudly be added to your name, signifying not only your successful completion of the program but also your commitment as a member for over two years.



Why Leaders Excellence Education?

Our programs are meticulously crafted to align with the highest U.S. education standards, a testament to our commitment to excellence in online education. Renowned for spearheading MBA-level certificate programs delivered online, we extend our educational reach to accredited universities, prestigious institutions, and leading organizations globally. Our affiliation with the Harvard Square Business Association not only integrates us into the vibrant Harvard community at Harvard Square but also grants us membership in the exclusive Harvard Faculty Club. This proximity to Harvard underscores the significance of our independent innovation, which is essential for our continuous growth and development. Further elevating our standing is our association with AACSB International, positioning us among the world’s most elite educational institutions and business schools.

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