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Human Resource Management Course Online

Recently tasks that were originally thought to fall under the responsibility of the human resources department have become a part of many managers” job descriptions. The sharing and diffusion of these tasks throughout the organization has had an impact particularly on those that are not equipped with the skills or knowledge to deal with these issues.

The Human Resource Management workshop will give managers the basic tools to handle numerous human resource situations such as interviewing, orientation, safety, harassment, discrimination, violence, discipline, and termination. This workshop will provide you with those skills and assist you with certain Human Resource situations.


Human Resource Management is a course in the Leaders Excellence Mini-MBA℠ program >>



Video teaching note on Human Resource Management by Leaders Excellence:



What are the Course Objectives for Human Resource Management?

Research has consistently demonstrated that when clear goals are associated with learning that the learning occurs more easily and rapidly. With that in mind, let’s review our goals for this course.

By the end of this online course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the implications of different aspects of Human Resource Management on their daily responsibilities
  • Define human resources terms and subject matter
  • Recruit, interview, and retain employees more effectively
  • Follow up with new employees in a structured manner
  • Be an advocate for your employees’ health and safety
  • Provide accurate, actionable feedback to employees
  • Act appropriately in situations requiring discipline and termination
  • Evaluate some of the strengths and opportunities for Human Resources in your own workplace
  • Identify three areas for further development within the Human Resources field as part of a personal action plan


How Does the Online Human Resource Management Course Work?

This online course on Human Resource Management are completed via our easy-to-use, cloud-based learning management system. It consist of an introductory video, 12 online modules, an eBook and quick reference sheet. You can complete the course successfully without using the eBooks or quick reference sheets. If you decide to read the eBook, you should expect to use more than the designated time for the course. You can log in to the learning management system from anywhere, making learning self-directed and available 24/7 using any computer or smartphone. The Human Resource Management course is part of the Mini-MBA online from Harvard Square.


Do I Need to Speak English Fluently in Order to Complete the Human Resource Management Course Online?

English doesn’t have to be your first language in order to complete the course on Human Resource Management. However, you must understand English in order to complete the coursework. If English is not your first language, you should expect to take more than the designated time to complete this online course.


What Self-Reflective Question to Ask Yourself on Human Resource Management?

Consider the best manager that you have ever worked with or reported to. What was it about their people skills that make them stand out from other, less effective managers? In three to four paragraphs, describe how they succeeded with people in activities such as managing meetings, handling discipline, or increasing employee engagement. If you are not sure what specific techniques or style they applied, and they are available to you, give them a call and do a quick interview to get after those answers.


What are the Key Factors Influencing Human Resources Today?

There are several key factors that have had an enormous impact on the development of Human Resources. These include:

Technology: which has had, and will continue to, have significant impact on the way we design and structure work. It also challenges the workforce to keep up with significant developments while organizations decide which changes are worthwhile adopting. 

Globalization: as companies consider working in or expanding into foreign markets, and have employees working in different locations. 

Demographics: as the core numbers of the workforce age and move into retirement, and the available talent pool becomes smaller. What do the older workers need to sustain themselves? What are younger workers looking for in employment?

 Includes using part-time, temporary, and contract workers as a way to manage fluctuations in demand and to manage long term labor costs. One example of contingency use is companies bringing in retirees during busy periods, to cover staff vacations, and so on. 

In order to best manage the workforce as it now exists, there is significant focus on training and development. Development (the long term process that facilitates strategic thinking) capitalizes on experience and aims to reach goals. Training is provided specifically to change behaviors or attitudes in order to meet job specific requirements. 

Organizations are now focusing on developing individuals and their careers rather than addressing immediate needs of the job, which has led to an entire industry around lifelong learning. Doing so seems to encourage employee retention and allows us to stay up to date with technological changes as well as shifting demographics. 

Growth in Human Resource Management

As human resources evolved, so have the ways that we manage our workforce. We have the ability to create and maintain workplaces that are fair, safe, and engaging by leveraging the strengths of human resources skills within the organization, and ourselves. 

As the nature of organizations change, HR practices and theories will also evolve. No matter what they become, they will continue to enrich the organizations and people that they support.

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